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Parking Garage Guide


Suggestions for Parking Garage Construction

Many people who design their garage building plan most times neglect the look of the driveway that is aesthetical. They end up with a gravel driveway or uninspiring concrete that is uninspiring because they think that these are the only options available to them or they are just too tired from the construction of the main home itself. This is because of lack of energy plus enough time left to design a fantastic driveway.


We will not criticize the concrete option as a start. It is still an excellent choice to select. Concrete is cheap, easy to clean, drains water well and lasts for long. The unfortunate thing with concrete or even asphalt is that it needs a lot of labor and you might require a contractor. For these reasons, many individuals have decided against concrete in their parking garage construction plan and gone with a variety of other materials for their driveway. You might not be familiar with it while you are making your garage construction plan, but there certainly are a number of other alternatives that are good for garage driveways.


It's possible for you to choose to utilize twin concrete strips in building your parking garage. In this process you pour two-foot wide concrete strips for your tires to drive along. The best gain of the layout is that the twin concrete plan is quite economical than setting concrete over the entire garage driveway width. It's also ideal for the individual who doesn't have enough time or the energy after the process of designing the garage. Whatever you need to do is that is it and to place both parallel strips of concrete or asphalt. The only real disadvantage with twin concrete strips is that they give in either due to the pressure exerted by your car or they vanish due to the plant life should you not maintain your garden nicely.


The second alternative is using crushed limestone for your garage layout. With this, you need to use a number of rocks including pebbles crushed rocks or gravel. This option is not always easy to maintain as the gravel disperse beyond the driveway. You may even see weeds growing on the driveway over the years.


Another idea to try out is using an self perform concrete. This option is very aesthetical but you should have an expert do it because of the hazard of using a large amount of acid.


You could also use the beautiful option of turf stone pavers which combines well with the advantages of paver blocks with a great green look. This type of garage drains well, and the driveway is permanent. However, if you are on a limited budget, then this might not be the best option for you as turf stone pavers may be quite costly. Watch this video at and know more about parking garage construction.